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Cobrowsing helps you support visitors on your website,
just like IT supports you remotely on your computer.

What is Cobrowsing?

Showing is better than telling.

Cobrowsing allows your support team to share the browsing experience with your site's visitors.

During cobrowsing, both your customer and the support agent can interact with the webpage while they discuss the visitor's issues through a shared chat.

This allows the agent to quickly guide the customer through to a solution, showing them where to click and enter details.

A better interaction with the agent means a faster resolution and a happier customer!

Why Our Software is Different

We listened to thousands of contact-centre agents to create the software they wanted. Everything about our solutions are designed to make workflows more intuitive, more simple, and more streamlined, to guide the customer to a fast resolution.

Problems we solve for our customers

On a daily basis, our Cobrowsing and LiveChat solutions help our customers solve the following problems:

  • Agents struggle to understand what the caller is doing on company's website
  • Back-and-forth email chains from customers trying to explain their issue
  • Visitors leaving the sales funnel early
  • Average NPS and CES

Together is Better

We believe in working closely with our customers. Working together helps us tackle our customer's core problems better.

About Us

Frictionless software

Software should be enabling, and should never get in the way. Our software is intuitive and reliable, helping Agents get their job done quickly.

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Built with Erlang

For over 30 years Erlang has been at the heart of mission-critical applications. Today it's used by companies like WhatsApp and Facebook. Erlang's reliability and resilience is why we chose it as the basis of our platform.